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Mistra Innovation

A Research Programme in Product Innovation and Realization.
Mistra invites small and medium sized Swedish companies together with academic research organizations to submit proposals for research projects concerning the implementation of discoveries and inventions leading to reduced environmental impact and improvements in sustainability.

The overall purpose of the investment in Mistra Innovation is to encourage the development of innovative ideas through the interaction of small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) with universities and other research institutes.

Mistras investment should lead to products, processes and services which reduce the environmental impact of our society and improve the sustainable use of resources.

Mistra will invest a maximum of SEK 40 million, over the years 2012 through 2015. Additional support from other sources, mainly participating companies, is assumed to be at least of the same amount.

Mistra is a research foundation which supports research of strategic importance for a good living environment.

Research supported by the foundation is intended to have a positive impact on Sweden's future competitiveness, and shall play a significant role in solving major environmental problems thus contributing to the development of a sustainable society.

A previous effort by Mistra to finance research collaboration between academic research groups and small and medium sized companies resulted in a number of developments contributing to the improvement of environmental impact for some products.

The Programme, called ProEnviro and co-financed by the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research, SSF, received favourable reviews from an international panel. On the basis of the successful completion of ProEnviro, Mistra have decided to introduce a new Programme with the intention of further developing the strategic and environmental impact of investments in the collaboration of SMEs with academia. More information about ProEnviro could be found at

Criteria for the Programme
Mistra has allocated 40 MSEK to support research and development efforts over a four year period commencing in January 2012 and ending in December 2015.

The Programme is focused on SMEs with production and/or development operating in Sweden in a number of different branches, which may include: technology, manufacturing, food and drink, energy and recycling.

The funding should be invested through the Programme Mistra Innovation, in research projects whereby SMEs are afforded the opportunity to develop their own ideas about environmentally beneficial innovations together with researchers from academic institutions.

As such it is the industrial partner which is responsible for the application process and for overseeing the execution of the project.

The resources made available through Mistra are primarily intended to finance research and development performed at the academic institution. The SMEs are expected to contribute through their own development work, know-how and materials.

It is the responsibility of the company to identify the academic group(s) to work with. Ownership of immaterial rights resulting from the project should be the subject of legally binding documentation signed prior to commencement of the project.

If you have any questions about the Programme you are welcome to contact the Programme Director Lars Frenning at Mistra Innovation, +46 (0) 70 2430406 or e-mail at

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